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Interested in building Windows and Web apps with C# and a single code base.

Let's talk. I started this group to meet and help others developer using DevExpress Express App Framework. All skill levels are welcome, we will cover topics from getting started to really complex and advanced scenarios. See you inside!

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XAFers Community Standup. XAF Backend Web API Service (Now for Real)

Needs a location

Last meetup we talked a lot about developing XAF Blazor apps in non Windows OS. Now we are back to the XAF Web API.

Backend Web API Service is a high-level OData V4 service built upon XAF core libraries. It includes additional features, such as Security System, Localization (v22.1), allows both XPO and EF Core (v22.1), and has the ability to make custom endpoints. It is also suitable for Xamarin and other OData-compatible clients.

Coming soon: Features like Files, Reports, Audit Trail, Validation. You can try the Web API Service with v21.2.7 even though it is in preview (it is already stable enough).

Thursday August 18th 10:00 AM GMT -7

We are pleased to introduce the XAFers Community Standup Series. Every second Thursday of the month let's get together to chat about the amazing work the DevExpress Team and the community is doing. Each meeting we will cover content from several different areas: XPO, XAF, Blazor, personal projects and more. See you inside. XAF out!

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XAFers Community Standup. XAF Backend Web API Service

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