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Scottsdale Tournament on 1st Tuesday at Twin Peaks
The Arizona Backgammon Club will have a regular tournament in Scottsdale on the 1st Tuesday every month. Twin Peaks is a favorite place of some of our regular players, and there is happy hour there until 6pm. The entry fee is $10, with two optional side pools, $10 and $20, and a 90% return. New players will have no entry fee. Returning players (more than a year since last participation) will have no entry fee. Main bracket matches will be to 7 points, and a single loss will move you to the consolation bracket, where the match length will be reduced to 5 points. You will not be able to win the overall tournament from the consolation bracket. Losing players from the main bracket will feed into the consolation bracket until only two players remain in the main bracket; those players will play in the main bracket finals, with the winner being the overall tournament winner and the loser claiming 2nd place. All other players will play in the consolation bracket until one player remains with only one loss. That player will be the winner of the consolation bracket. 50% of the prize money will be awarded to 1st place, and 25% each to 2nd place and the consolation bracket winner. The side pools will be awarded 70% to the person who progresses the furthest, and 30% to the person who progresses the second furthest. If four players or less participate in any one side pool, 100% of that side pool will be awarded to the person progressing the furthest. The 2nd place and consolation winners will be considered as having progressed equally and will split accordingly. Ties will result in a split of the prize money; there will not be any playoff to settle this split. Registration begins at 6pm Draw for bracket placement at 6:30 Play begins immediately after the draw Main bracket matches are 7 points and consolation matches are 5 points There will be 3 winners in each tournament: 1st Place, 2nd Place, and Consolation winner USBF Tournament Rules will apply, and the Tournament Director's decisions will be final (somebody's gotta do it...) Arizona Backgammon Club Tournaments will be held in a calm, social, and friendly environment. Take it as seriously as you like, but always be nice!

Twin Peaks

8787 E Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd · Scottsdale, AZ

What we're about

This is a MeepUp for anyone who loves Backgammon, wether you've played it for years or are just getting started, AND its for anyone else who is interested, wants to learn to play, or at least find out what this strange looking game is all about!

For those of you who don't know, Backgammon is that game that was on the back of checker boards when we were kids, and nobody knew what it was or how to play it (my experience, at least, when I was a kid back in the dark ages)!

This game is thousands of years old, with claims of it originating in Egypt, Turkey, other middle eastern areas and China, as well! Napoleon required all of his Generals to learn and play the game to help them improve their strategic thinking, and more importantly to learn to be flexible and adaptable to changes! It is a simple game that most any 8-year old (or senior citizen) can learn in a hour, and yet many, many people spend their lifetimes trying to master it. It is possible for that 8-year old to beat a World Champion in any given game, depending on the luck of the roll, but skill will prevail, the longer the game is played.

Truly, Backgammon is a contest of skill, always requiring re-analysis after each roll of the dice that determine each players possible moves. The number of variations of how a game may play out, are beyond my ability to calculate. After 40 years of play and well in excess of 200,000 games, I am continually amazed to find situations that I seem to have never been seen before. This amazing, entertaining and challenging game is truly, "Never over until its over!"

The Arizona Backgammon MeetUp will promote Backgammon Clubs all over Arizona and most anything else about Backgammon going on in the state. We will put on (and assist others to put on) several Tournaments every month, occasionally some with no charge as well are regularly scheduled "bonifide skill competition" tournaments that will earn Cash Prizes. We will put on classes and arrange individual Tutoring for those interested in either learning to play or in improving their game. We will help other clubs get organized and form their own programs. We will serve as a clearing house for anything and everything Backgammon. Tell us what you would like and we'll try to accommodate your needs.

All levels of play are welcome. We have players that can provide a challenge for any World Class player, and we will provide tournaments for the whole spectrum, at your playing comfort. The OPEN competition will accept anyone willing to play. If your skill level isn't up to that, we will encourage you to play in the ADVAM|NCED or INTERMEDIATE tournaments, and for those still leaning the basics in the NOVICE/BEGINNERS tournaments.

We expect all members and participants to bring a friendly attitude and a desire to share a pleasant time with all other participants. Competition is great and to be commended, yet harmony is essential. Bring your own board if you have a favorite, if not, there will always be plenty of boards of all types to play on and enjoy.



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