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What we’re about

This Meetup focusses on bringing a group of like minded people together to learn more about business, create a conversation and network. This Meetup is a place for education, ideas and constructive criticism by peers. This is not a BNI or a way to solicit your services to the group.

I hope to have 1-2 events per month to focus on specific business themes. In addition to the education element we will have an open forum discussion with Q & A. We all have knowledge and I hope to create a collective to share it. 

Some of the topics to be discussed:

• Social media marketing

• Digital presence 

• Digital marketing 

• Branding 

• Becoming an entrepreneur 

• MVP vs Business Plan 

• Sustaining a small business 

• And many more!

This will also be a medium for people to share stories of business related experiences. If you are interested in talking about your company or start-up and believe it will create value for the group then please contact me. For some becoming self-employed is the scariest and happiest day of their lives. Let's share that experience!