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People looking to start and join games in Arlington and the surrounding areas (Darrington, Marysville, etc...)

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The Geek Retreat

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Going to play board and card games from Friday afternoon through Monday morning. Maybe do some grillin' and chillin'. Let me know if you want to come by. Feel free to message or comment with questions.

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight 5E

Needs a location

Hi..... its me. Again!
So we will be short a player this sunday.. I TRULY want us all together to complete the Carnival (which Im assuming will be this upcoming session) before I wont be as manic about making sure EVERYONE is in attendance 💖 Im really sorry for this delay to everyone.. But I promise it'll all be worth it in the end 🥺💖 Thank you for your patience with me.

Game will be held at my apt assuming my roommates clean up their ISH everywhere. We might need to find a different spot in the near-future as a committed place to play, because this isnt a battle I want to keep fighting lmao.

Who's ready for the BIG TOP?!?

Extinction Curse: The Show Must go on

Needs a location


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Curse of Strahd

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