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Data Engineering 101

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Data Engineering 101


At the heart of "Big Data", enabling Data Science and Machine Learning, scaling up data analysis and visualization work to cloud scale, and nearly anything else involving moving data around in our industry is the domain of Data Engineering. But what IS Data Engineering exactly? What is it NOT? When is it applied? What tools and processes are used? How does this domain parallel other areas of Software Engineering and what unique challenges does it have? This talk will cover all that by giving a high level view of the Data Engineering space.

Eric Schiller is Data Engineer at Excella who brings his years of widely varied IT experience to projects where data and software engineering intersect. His favorite projects are legacy modernizations and finding the middle ground in disparate domains (both technical systems and people with different specialties). He also has a huge interest in technical ethics and peer mentoring.

When he's not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family, watching the Capitals, travel, and the pursuit of good food and craft beer.

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