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At our local Real Estate Investing Group we will discuss properties on the market, contracts, mortgages and much more.

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We provide networking and education for real estate investors in the Dallas Fort Worth Area.

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• Rookie Real Estate Investors

• Veteran Real Estate Investors

• LandLords

• Realtors

• Business Owners

• Property Managers

• Contractors

• Handyman

• Rehabbers

• Hard Money Lenders/ Private Money Lenders

• Fix and Flip Investors

• Buy and Hold Investors

Networking is welcome and encouraged!!

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Real Estate Investing for Beginners - 10 Steps to Get Started Series

Investing is a very lucrative business. The fact that you’re the boss of your own life and the master of your own time, makes investing attractive. Rich people become richer not by working for their employer, but by working for their own business. Fortunately, real estate investing is one of the most stable and profitable investments. But the biggest question for interested investors is HOW TO GET STARTED? In this most raved about online class by Luke Watkins, REAL ESTATE INVESTING FOR BEGINNERS - 10 STEPS TO GET STARTED SERIES, Luke will teach you everything that you need to know about real estate investing. From the perspectives, strategies, techniques, tools, and much more! You will, without a doubt, learn everything you need to set sail towards successful investing. Join us every Monday at 6:00 PM Central Time! See you! REGISTER HERE: https://realestateiq.co/event/real-estate-investing-for-beginners-10-steps-to-get-started-series/ WEEK 1: Identify your financial stage & Choose your investing strategy (June 22, 2020) WEEK 2: Choose your market and Investment property criteria (July 6, 2020) WEEK 3: Team building and getting financing (July 13, 2020) WEEK 4: How to get money & create your plan (July 20, 2020) WEEK 5: How to leverage the success of others (July 27, 2020) WEEK 6: Tools and systems for success (August 3, 2020) ABOUT THE SPEAKER Luke Watkins Has done fix and flip for hundreds of houses and done thousands of wholesale deals Worked with some of the biggest residential flipping companies in the country that averaged 20-30 deals a month He has a background in construction and property management Invested in Salt Lake City, Utah, Indianapolis, Indiana, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and now Dallas, Texas REGISTER HERE: https://realestateiq.co/event/real-estate-investing-for-beginners-10-steps-to-get-started-series/

What No One Noticed: How To Save Your Business From Unique Real Estate Situation

Do you ever find yourself watching webinars on the same few topics? So often, real estate players—investors, sellers, buyers, and agents alike—find themselves unprepared to maneuver unique and rare real estate situations. Our current reality is unlike anything we have experienced before. So now more than ever, we must think about these rare situations and learn effective strategies to move forward. Unlike any other webinar series, the Founder of Lonergan Law Firm, PLLC, Gaylene Rogers-Lonergan will discuss issues and pitfalls that are all too common because they are not talked about enough. We will discover new ways for investors to buy and sell houses and reveal the power of probate, expanding your real estate tool kit. Lastly, if you have received a PPP loan and are struggling to navigate the business challenges COVID-19 has brought. Join us every monday of July (6, 13, 20, and 27) as Gaylene brings you some relief as we explore the path to loan forgiveness. Sign up now! REGISTER HERE: https://realestateiq.co/event/what-no-one-noticed-how-to-save-your-business-from-unique-and-rare-real-estate-situations/ Week 1: Probate, a Lucrative Real Estate Niche Week 2: Title Issues and Pitfalls in Investor Transactions – How to Resolve and Close your Deal! Week 3: I Finally Received My PPP Loan – Now What? Week 4: Investor Strategies for Buying and Selling Houses About The Speaker: Gaylene Rogers-Lonergan Founder, Lonergan Law Firm, PLLC Has more than 25 years of legal experience Board Certified in both Commercial Real Estate Law and Residential Real Estate Law Certified Title Insurance Associate, Texas Land Title Association Licenced Real Estate Agent Holds an "AV" in Martindale-Hubbell REGISTER HERE: https://realestateiq.co/event/what-no-one-noticed-how-to-save-your-business-from-unique-and-rare-real-estate-situations/

Maximize Finding Investment Deals While at Home

Online event

Since our mobility is very limited because of the quarantine, the question is, will you be able to find good investment deals while at home? The answer is YES! You only need to keep your knowledge growing and improve your skills even if you’re at home. And one way to do that is to learn how Real Estate IQ’s tools and services helped many investors in their business. If it is possible for them to be successful amidst the pandemic, it can also happen to you! To help you understand the concept of deal-finding and how you will be able to do it easily, REIQ’s Dallas Fort-Worth Business Developer, Rodney Rush is inviting you to join us in an online discussion on July 14, 2020, at 2:00 PM Central Time! In this webinar class, you will learn different strategies you can use to help your business grow! So click the registration button now and sign up today! REGISTER HERE: https://realestateiq.co/event/maximize-finding-investment-deals-while-at-home/ Reasons why you shouldn’t miss this out: Discover REIQ’s tools and services for a much convenient deal-finding Understand the best practices for finding deals Learn different strategies to help you gain more profits from your investment opportunities REGISTER HERE: https://realestateiq.co/event/maximize-finding-investment-deals-while-at-home/ About the Speaker Rodney Rush Real estate investor specializing in fix and flips, passive investing, and rentals REIQ’s Dallas Fort-Worth Business Developer Provides educational training and networking opportunities for other investors Testimonials Thank you for the great info! I enjoyed the session - Deanne Bodin Thank you! One of the best webinars - David Hoffman Great webinar! - Shiree Page REGISTER HERE: https://realestateiq.co/event/maximize-finding-investment-deals-while-at-home/

The Ultimate Guide to Building Wealth & Passive Income in Real Estate

It is true that in the real estate industry, there is money. Even if the new normal is already manifesting, there’s a silver lining for your business to thrive. However, in order for you to succeed, you have to start setting your goals, build an effective plan, and strategize ahead of time. It might be a long path, but everything will be worth it once you see the result of your hardships. The challenge is, how far will you go? In this three-part online class with one of the most successful real estate entrepreneurs, Chris Bounds, will teach you the step-by-step process on how to build your own real estate business and make dollars from it! Chris will also talk about how to create and analyze a game plan and how you can be able to perfectly execute that plan! So join us on July 14, 21, and 28, 2020 for a three-part online training session with Chris Bounds! You surely don’t want to miss this chance to learn! SIGN UP HERE: https://realestateiq.co/event/start-building-wealth-in-real-estate/ Topics to be discussed in this webinar series: Discover the simple real estate investing strategy that you can implement, even if you are just starting your real estate investing business Case studies of actual deals we've done using this strategy A plan of action showing how you can become a (multi) millionaire Date/Time: July 14, 2020 - Tuesday 2PM About the Speaker: Chris is a member eXp Realty to take part in the brokerage's aggressive national and international expansion He is an educator that helps agents grow their business, increase their wealth, and create passive income Chris and his wife, Jamie own and operate Texas Ideal Properties, a full-service real estate solutions company They have used more than $17 million in private lender funds to flip over 150 houses SIGN UP HERE: https://realestateiq.co/event/start-building-wealth-in-real-estate/

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