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If you are a writer, freelancer, marketing professional, someone who knows social media or anyone closely related to these topics...this is the writing group for you. At this time, there are no groups of this type in the SpringHill area. The closest groups are in Tampa! Boo hiss! We can do better than that. I want to organize a group for networking about writing and marketing your book. The group is flexible at this point as it is just getting started. Join me if you are within 15 miles (give or take) to network about something we all have in common...the love of writing!

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Around SpringHill Writers Meetup
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There will be no meetings of the Around SpringHill Writers Meetup in July and August. An e-mail was sent to active members relating to this. Have a great summer.

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Copyright Changes & Piracy In A Digital Age

McAlister's Deli

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