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~ This is a group for adventurous people who enjoy travel and experiencing different cultures. However, you won’t need to pack your bags, buy a plane ticket, or look for your passport. It’s the epitome of budget travel because we won’t even be leaving the state! Instead, we’ll be seeking out cultural adventures in our own backyard, looking for authentic experiences that leave us with the feeling that we were in another country even if just for a few hours. There are many opportunities in the area to interact with other cultures if you know where to look.

Possible events will include: cultural performances ♦ restaurants known for authentic cuisine ♦ learning/practicing languages ♦ visiting temples and other sites ۩ foreign films ♦ dancing ♫ international music ♦ cooking classes.

~ Travelling in another country often requires an open mind and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone, to go with the flow when things aren’t what you’re used to. Let’s bring that same desire to explore as we embark on new adventures with new friends!

~ Please be respectful when you sign up for events and only sign up if you know you will attend. Events will often be limited to a certain number of attendees due to the nature of the event and to allow for better appreciation of the experience. If you cancel the day of the event or don't show up, you prevent others from having the opportunity to come to an event, or may cause the organizer to go out of their way for you (for example: waiting on members to arrive, or planning for a certain number of attendees), which is not appreciated . Please note that this Meetup group has a No-Show/Last Minute Cancellation policy. If a member accumulates 4 No-Shows or Cancellations-Day-of-Event, they will be removed from this Meetup group. To read more about this and other issues, please visit this link:


Thank you for your consideration regarding only signing up when you are certain you will attend, and promptly updating your RSVP if you realize you won't be able to attend.

~ Looking forward to meeting you at an event!

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