What we're about

Every month we'll gather to enjoy, explore and participate in NYC's countless performing and visual arts offerings, with curated events for particular emphasis on art that challenges its audience on social, political and economic questions; re-ignites a sense of civic responsibility or political resistance; and/or addresses human and civil rights.
I'm interested in seeking out examples of art that has the power to transform our thinking, be the message explicit, subtle, or merely pushes us to ask questions. Our gatherings can include everything from gallery visits, lectures and performance arts to more participatory and interactive experiences. And if there's interest, we'll hang after and talk about what we experienced, potentially expanding our group into taking on civically minded artistic projects of our own or exploring volunteership and service opportunities with established community organizations.

The kick-off event for our meetup will be on Midterm Election Eve, November 5th. Here's the link: https://www.votefordarius.com/
Want to join? :) :) :)

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