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Yasuhiro Ishimoto: Someday, Chicago - Photography Exhibition
DePaul Art Museum presents “Yasuhiro Ishimoto: Someday, Chicago.” The exhibition examines the work of Yasuhiro Ishimoto (1921–2012) who lived and studied in Chicago for over a decade and where he would return throughout his life. Ishimoto's photography is renown for merging Western and Eastern aesthetics - perhaps we could look at it as Bauhaus with a good dose of substance. It was in Chicago that Ishimoto first developed his uniquely modernist vision — both at the historic Institute of Design (ID) in dialogue with László Moholy-Nagy, Harry Callahan, Aaron Siskind, and other teachers there; and in the city’s streets, where he captured changes reflective of broader societal shifts happening across the United States at the time. Please arrive around 11:15 and begin to look at the photos. Around noon we will transfer to a café for some coffee and conversation about Ishimoto's photography. As always with photography, perhaps we can think how photography is art and what are the criteria for a medium to become art? Museum admission is free.

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