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Hi all, We have another non-hosted (i.e. informal) event we'd love to invite you to at Art Ventures Gallery at 888 Santa Cruz Ave in Menlo Park on October 6th from 3-6pm, with an artist talk at 5pm. Please see details below. Thanks, Joe --- Archaea Photography Neonscapes by James Porschen IMMEDIATE RELEASE – (Menlo Park, September 1st, 2018) - Art Ventures Gallery is proud to announce a solo show of work by photographer James Porschen, curated by Alex Ray of Alex Ray Art Advisory. James Porschen’s work abstracts reality, transcending the literal and focusing on the underlying essence of nature, letting it’s sublime reflection emerge. These images stand as a mediation on the balance of nature’s furious and fragile modes. In this world of chaos and illusion, Porschen manages to capture moments of meaning with the quiet assurance of one hand finding the other in the dark. This is achieved by a reduction of specific elements so that the whole dominates the frame rather than any one point. In order to establish a common link in which past, present and future are blurred, the landscapes remain void of notions that deal directly with time and space. Landscape imagery is most often seen as a place rather than an idea. In Porschen's work this pioneering exploration of neon incorporated into the language and properties of photography become an integral balance of the “whole". The lines of the neon tubes help deepen and define the work from its original geographic location. This enables the viewer a subjective interpretation rather than the objective dissemination of the image. Consequently, the images are not intended to reflect the location they were taken but rather the inner destination one creates while viewing them. With the loss of narrative associations, these images may then serve as vessels for contemplation. Since much of his art defines landscapes, we asked if it was getting more difficult to find places that have been untouched by the human footprint. He said, “My objective isn't so much to discover the untouched but to seek refuge in the grandeur of nature. To be able to connect with my intuition I often need solitude. I try to represent the archetypal symbols inherent in nature wherever I can find them. The beauty of photography is that I can frame the world in a manner that best represents what I wish to show.” When asked about his influences for creating his art, he states, “Being an avid meditator, I came to the conclusion that my images should embody notions of Zen and Taoist philosophy. Recognizing that I always felt the most grounded in nature I decided to point my lens in that direction. Having a rather inward personality I have always found great solace in art starting with comic books and then moving to painting and finally photography. Some of the artists who have had a great impact on my practice are Mark Rothko, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Bosco Sodi, and Masao Yamamoto.” "James Porschen is the only person in the world who combines neon and photography. We are familiar with light boxes and neon art signs, but Porschen’s composition are color field plains which can be broken down to their tangible characteristics as a photograph, printed with ink on paper and a neon tube filled with gas. We are really excited to exhibit these pieces in Silicon Valley where technology overpowers nature, where disrupting industries move so fast and challenge the relevance of meditative attributes in art— and where Zen and Taoist philosophy is the opposite of artificial intelligence”. Event Details: · Opening Event: Saturday October 6th, 3 PM – 6 PM with the artist talking at 5 PM Art Ventures Gallery is located at 888 Santa Cruz Avenue, Menlo Park, CA 94025 The gallery open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from noon to 6 pm, Friday and Saturday from 10 am – 6 pm, closed Sundays & Mondays. Artwork can also be seen by appointment. Please call[masked] or email [masked]

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