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The purpose of this group is to find and explore new pieces of film, as well as having a place to geek out about strange/interesting cinema.

I want to have a place where people can exchange ideas and not feel so alone in loving abstract/peculiar cinema, as well as having an avenue to share/find more interesting and fascinating art!

I would in no way consider myself a connoisseur. I'm not teaching a class or claim to be able to provide knowledgeable insights - I'm layman of the arts. I want to find people who are like-minded.

The group is free to anyone who has an interest in the arts; specifically those pieces that are challenging, complex or deep. I want people to be able access and learn about cinema and Art.
I don't believe in elitism.

If you are fans of:
Gaspar Noee, David Lynch, Jim Jarmusch, Bela Tarr, Charlie Kaufman, Xavier Dolan, Michael Hankee, Andrei Tarkovsky, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Coen Brothers, Safdie Brothers, and more...

If you like or recognise any of the names and are curious come join.

I want to open this up to all forms of media, so don't think you have to limited just to film!

With regards to events:

I would like to:

- Host livestreams where we can watch new pieces together or watching something on MUBI and discussing it afterwards.

- Have a Coffee evening where we can discuss a particular Film or a genre of film.

- Having Listening Parties for certain new and exciting records coming out.

- Book Discussions

Live-showings and more cool events would be in the pipelines - granted it gains enough interest.

At this current moment I'm open to suggestions as the group is pretty new.

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