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People who want to go to see art - in galleries, exhibitions, etc - and maybe chat about it over coffee or drinks afterwards.

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Non Art: Gentle Yin Yoga 1 Hour Class, Fishponds Road Bristol

Non Art: Gentle Yin Yoga 1 Hour Class, Fishponds Road Bristol Join me for a gentle 1 hour yin yoga class given by Fleur, an experienced yoga instructor, in her studio on Fishponds Road. Yin yoga is a gentle and relaxing form involving mainly stretches done on the floor. It works on the Chinese meridians (the same ones as acupuncture, but without using needles). I’ve only done 3 classes so far, but found it beneficial from the first class. Yoga mats, blocks etc are provided. I’d suggest wearing stretchy clothing and layers as the studio is nice and warm. The class starts at 8 pm. I’ll message the full address to attendees. Cost £6 cash to the instructor. "Yin yoga consists of a series of long-held, passive floor poses that mainly work the lower part of the body—the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine. These areas are especially rich in connective tissues. It targets our deepest tissues of the body; ligaments, joints, bones, and the deep fascia networks of the body, rather than the muscles. Within these long holds there is an encouragement of softness and an emphasis on relaxing muscular tissue. Through these attitudes there can be a gaining of harmony and peace: so there is a greater ease, a deeper sense of balance, feelings of calmness and acceptance."

Garden, Coffee, Cake, Non-Art: NGS Open Garden at Tormarton Court

Garden, Coffee, Cake, Non-Art: NGS Open Garden at Tormarton Court This was one of my 3 absolute favourite gardens from last year. Join me to see what it looks like in spring. https://www.ngs.org.uk/find-a-garden/garden/21842/ I'll be putting on a few of these NGS open gardens over the spring & summer. Apologies to workers, often these gardens are only open on the one day specified per year. We'll have refreshments on site, but only tea, coffee and cakes are available. It's cash only, not card, for entry and refreshments! **It's easy to get to, near junction 18 off the M4** This event is also listed elsewhere, so there may be extra people. Cost: £5 **Cash only, not card, for entry and refreshments!** "11 acres of formal and natural gardens in stunning Cotswold setting. Features incl roses, herbaceous, kitchen garden, Mediterranean garden, mound and natural pond. Extensive walled garden, spring glade and meadows with young and mature trees."

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Art, Coffee, Cake - Photography at the Paintworks: MPF, RPS

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