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Mesa HeART Studio HeatSync Labs Open Studios On Main
Join Mesa HeART Studio and HeatSync Labs for our Collaboratory OPEN STUDIO ON MAIN STREET in beautiful Downtown Mesa Arizona! Bring your projects! Meet fellow creatives! Collaborate! Come be a part of the inaugural collaboration between Mesa HeART Studio a forming creatives Co creative community and the long established HeatSync Labs hacker space and community on Main Street. These Meetups are FREE! We will meet at HearSync’s new BIG location at 108 W Main ! Twice weekly we will have open studio hours where you can being your latest creative projects, meet other creatives and find out about all the arts opportunities in Downtown Mesa as well as the HeatSync Community. Mesa Heart Studio is a forming inclusive, supportive, community of artists to help artists connect, collaborate and be prosperous together. All are welcome! More info at HeatSync Labs will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2019. It is a community where you can come make stuff and do things. More info at Both HeatSync Labs and Mesa HeART Studio are nonprofits designed to bring community together to make stuff! Supervised kids are welcome! Bring extra art supplies to share with the community! We will have a space to leave some materials to share!

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