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Ever hear about the Art Salon of Paris in the 1800s and New York in the early 1900s. Our friends agree that we need a place today to gather, discuss the arts, show current work and reflect on past artist's work. It is an experiment, testing to see whether the topics that intrigue us have meaning and significance beyond a select few and seeking to create a time/space within which we can stir a lively, rigorous discussion about the state of art - local, national and international - yours, mine, and ours. Karl Blomseth initially created Fertile Minds Foto Workshops and this Art Salon is an extension beyond the narrow focus on photography. We have Art Salon gatherings where both new and confirmed artists meet, together with willing amateurs.

NOTE: It is our intention to build bridges, not to tear bridges down. We are not here to judge, jury or critique any artists' work. If artists want a critique of work, it is up to them to seek out a mentor in their own field. The audience and guests are encouraged to be positive and supportive of the artists, not judgmental. Our mission is to have fun and to LEARN ABOUT ART in a safe environment.

Environments, by the way, change from art galleries to studios to churches that are open to our art discussions. We hope you can be open as well.

BTW: We are not your typical group where singles come to hook up with other singles for possible dating. People certainly meet and build relationships but its focus is an art discussion group, not a dating group.

Respectfully yours,

Karl Blomseth, founder

Wendy Blomseth, co-founder

BTW: Do you know why the Art Salon was started? Read the Twin City Daily Planet interview:

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