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Creativity is everywhere needed, from the expression of art skills like playing music, painting, dancing, singing, to the development of sciences like math, physics, biology, chemistry, social sciences, economics, psychology and philosophy. Many ideas come to our mind, like little bubbles that come and go, shrink and grow, and, sometimes, only sometimes, some of them seem so interesting that we want to share them with the world ! How do we take “great ideas” and turn them into “real actions”, and change the world around us with the hope to make it better?

The goal of this Meetup is to gather thinkers of every kind, artists, scientists, business-people, and to explore together this process of creativity and transformation of society through concrete actions.

We hope this group can bring together people from very different horizons, making all of us share about our experience of creativity and how to it into action. None of us need to be a true artist, a true scientist, or a true businessman to join, we are here to study, share, and discuss together. Any type of art, science, business topic will fit with our discussions as long as it combines knowledge, creativity and entrepreneurship.

You are all welcome to join and share experience with us !

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Taipei Art Expo

Taipei World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 3

What does Beethoven’s music make you feel?

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Can music transcend us?


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