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Do you often wonder what the limits of human potential are, if indeed there are any, what that might mean for the future and can't shake the feeling you're meant to be a part of the conversation? Are you in awe of the complexities of the cosmos and the human heart, body and mind and often wonder if technology is an attempt to re-create what enchants us about our own nature? If so, you're not alone!

Today, the software we create and how we go about creating it (the Science) has great influence on people's lives. Even so, often the way or manner in which we develop applications (the Art of it) is at least as important as what we create. Finally, there's our intention, why we're creating it (the Spirit of it), which is perhaps the most important of all.

AS^3D is a community dedicated to the integration of Art, Science and Spirit, also known as the Good, the True and the Beautiful, where these value spheres meet the domain of software development and what that might mean for our world and our lives.

What impact does the software we write have beyond our companies and our customers?

How does the way or manner in which we develop software affect our applications? What affect does it have on ourselves, others and our world?

Join us at the next AS^3D as we explore these questions and more.

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