What we're about

Forget what you know about clinical, analytical art therapy and try our fun alternative "DIY Art Therapy" workshops, perfect for anyone keen to flex their artistic muscles whilst expressing their emotions in a healthy manner; our workshops are about manifesting an improved, positive view of yourself, set in a comfortable yet unpatronising atmosphere. Simply put, it's therapeutic without having to talk about personal matters and an art class without the pressure of producing perfect (boring) pieces of art!

What do our Art Therapy Workshops can help with:
*Mental health issues and illnesses
*Artistic confidence
*Low self esteem
*Empowering women
*Interpersonal relationship issues
*Developing new perspectives
*Teaching/practicing good self care
*Making friends/being apart of a community of women

About Arts Sisterhood:
Arts Sisterhood have been providing women of the UK with affordable DIY Art Therapy workshops for 3 years now and have seen over 10,000 women attend their alternative, collaborative workshops. Arts Sisterhood's mission is to spread awareness on the psychological healing art therapy can give to those with mental health issues, to make art therapy more accessible to the masses and to push for art to be provided as a prescription on the NHS. Arts Sisterhood has been commissioned by institutions such as Tate Modern, Barbican, Viacom, BBC, UAL and many others to facilitate their workshops.

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DIY Art Therapy Workshop for Women

Peckham Levels

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