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Monthly Show & Tell Photo Workshop and Critique (FREE!)
By popular demand we're back in Burlington and the meetups will take place on the FOURTH Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm! Show and Tell Workshop Theme: (optional) Winter Interpretation of the theme is completely up to you. PLEASE READ RULE AND FILE PROCEDURE CHANGES BELOW. You're welcome to arrive late. Early birds may arrive as early as 6pm. Now taking place at Burlington's Generator Makerspace off of Pine Street. This Meetup is free and open to all VT Photography Meetup Members! (You do not need to be a Generator member though you may be tempted to become one.) Free parking at Champlain College Miller Center (after 4pm). Enter through Lakeside Ave and go to the south end of the lot. Handicap entrance is on Sears Ln. How our Show and Tell Workshops work: Feel free to just watch and learn, or if you're more adventurous, we'll display up to 5 of your photos on the TV for you to "show and tell" us about them. For example, you could choose to share the story behind the photo, tell us how you edited it, or ask for edit advice...whatever you want to share or not share is up to you! Rules: 1) Don't be mean. Anyone sharing may also optionally opt-in to receive "no hurt feelings" constructive critique and/or optional edit suggestions from our Pros. 2) Don't debate or argue. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and feelings! Especially since appreciation of a work of art is so subjective and personal. One person might love an image or idea and another might hate it. One might have an idea to improve it and another might disagree. That's fine, as there is never a single right answer. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So even if you disagree, with someone else, please simply let it pass, instead of debating it. Debating it will not change anyone's mind and it just wastes everyone's time and could hurt feelings. 3) Artistic Nudity and Nude Model Policy Photography containing adult exposed breasts/genitals may be shared but please warn Steve so it can be announced prior to its display. We must give minors and anyone offended by nudity time to temporarily exit the room. 4) Laser Pointers welcome Please also feel free to bring a laser pointer (if you have one) as you'll find it useful for your presentation and for offering critique or edit suggestions. 5) Please follow the following sharing guidelines: How to Show and Tell your photos: SIGNIFICANT PROCEDURE CHANGE! PLEASE CAREFULLY READ BELOW! If you'd like to show your photos, please bring UP TO 5 photos (saved as JPG files) on a SD Card, MicroSD Card, USB hard drive, or Thumbdrive/USB flash drive/USB Flash key. More information on readying your photos/videos for the projector is available at: YOU MUST create a folder named, "SHOWTELL" or delete all other files from your drive/card as it causes too many delays and wastes too much time. ONLY THE FIRST 5 PHOTOS ON THE DRIVE/CARD OR IN A FOLDER NAMED "SHOWTELL" WILL BE GIVEN ADEQUATE TIME. Sorry, there just isn't enough time to look through other folders on your drive or to search for the correct photos. If you bring more than 5 photos we may skip the others entirely or some may be scrolled through very very quickly and your presentation may be abruptly cut off after 3 minutes. We are not responsible for showing anything you don't want shared. It is 100% your responsibility to ensure you haven't left any files you don't want shared on the drive. Alternative way to share photos: If you cannot load your files to a SD Card, MicroSD Card, or USB device please upload your files to the Meetup group 48 hours in advance of the meetup and message Steve Mermelstein ( via Facebook ( so he knows to download and get the files ready for the projector. If for some reason you have trouble with the group upload, please feel free to send your pics to Steve ( via Facebook Messenger (


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This is a photography group for discussing, sharing, and critiquing. Our focus is making art with photography. Let's talk about how to make images really different. Welcome all photography styles such as street, fine art, landscape, portrait, photojournalism, etc. Let's share images, provide tough feedback, talk about styles, discuss favorite photographers, and figure out how to make our images evoke emotions. Join if you want to share with others who are creative, open, and want to meet new people who want to make art.

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