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What we’re about

Simply, our meetup aims to fuse the world of art and the world of tech.

This comes in a variety of forms that leverages all aspects of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) and creates novel connections between them. If you find yourself in any of these fields craving collaboration with like-minded (or other brained) people, this meetup is for you.

Art made with code, architecture created from musical notation, paintings by robot dogs, all this and much more can be expected to be talked about and worked on at our meetups. Because Atlanta is rapidly growing in both tech startups and artistic ventures (music and film being the most acknowledged), we are in a unique place as a city to position ourselves to be some of the most innovative in the realm of "FutureArt". We'll try to keep a healthy mix of discussion/sharing and workshop styled meetups, as we know this is a new field for most, and we can all benefit from each other's varied experiences.

We will be back SOON...