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Celebrate Our Oneness and Connection and become more real !!!

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Celebrating our Oneness and Connection

~Saturday February 1st ~ 9am-5:30pm~

~Tuition is on a ‘Love Offering’ Basis~

'Floating Icebergs': Just like the typical iceberg we tend to show only about ten percent of who we really are, that part 'above the water.'

All too often we are afraid that if someone really knew us, they may not love and accept us.

Sometimes we are so fearful of being vulnerable that we even hide who we really are from the people closest to us, our beloved family and friends.

’Lowering the Waterline’: I believe the key to experiencing authentic intimacy and connection with others is to reveal more of our true self.

Celebrating our Oneness is an experiential day of very gently and safely lowering the waterline, becoming more real, and thus empowering us to experience more of the love and acceptance that surrounds us.

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