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Art of Digital London (AoDL) (http://www.aodl.org.uk/) is a public event set up to discuss the influence that the digital is having on cultural engagement. Through AoDL (http://www.aodl.org.uk/) we research how arts organisations are responding to the prevalence of digital use, looking at the tools and practices that are used in the creation, management and distribution of artistic programming.

We centre each event around a particular topic. In advance, we write an event description that contextualises the discussion and acts as a piece of condensed research. On the night, we invite a panel of experts and practitioners to present their projects, thoughts and ideas. This is followed by a Q&A and group discussion. We record all presentations and make them available online after each event as an additional resource. See our Tumblr site with past event documentation: http://www.aodl.org.uk/ .

We choose topics that we think are relevant to those working in the arts, and in the spirit of action research these are often issues we have come across in our work that require a solution. Previous areas discussed have include; digital copyright, cultural open data, arts video networks, digital project management, social media and distributed storytelling. Speakers have come from a wide variety of cultural organisations, digital agencies and tech companies - including Caper, Channel 4, Culture Grid, Kaltura, Made Media, National Archives, Sadler’s Wells, Tate and Vimeo.

AoDL (http://www.aodl.org.uk/) is a great way to meet peers in tech/arts. We are not experts, just very curious, and want to create a friendly platform where everyone is welcome and everyone can learn something.

Each event takes place at The Photographers’ Gallery, and is co-organised by Jo Healy, Caroline Heron and Lucy Sollitt.

Contact: Johealy418@gmail.com and heron.caroline@gmail.com

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How to boost collaboration and efficiency with digital whiteboards and Jira

Network event

How can agile teams effectively collaborate from product discovery to timely delivery (while reaching company goals)?

This webinar will show how virtual whiteboards can successfully replace physical boards for team online collaboration and agile ceremonies in a remote setup.

In this webinar, we will be supported by Appfire's in-house whiteboard specialist, who will use Whiteboards.io, a standalone application that deeply integrates with Jira, to demonstrate how product and software teams can work together on a virtual board to run sprint planning, estimation, daily meetings, brainstorming sessions, and many other activities.

And thanks to its Jira integration, Whiteboards can automatically bridge the gap between a team’s plans and Jira projects — saving countless hours of manual copying and pasting.

Join us in this session to learn from the experts at Herzum and Appfire how you can boost collaboration in your team with Whiteboards.

Go ahead! take your spreadsheet to monday and transform your processes

Network event

Do you still work on spreadsheets? It's time to move your workflow to the next level.

Data from your company is generated daily and stored in simple spreadsheets; much of this data is invisible because it is disconnected and disorganized. However, when it is taken to monday, it is transformed into consumable information in real-time, allowing you to have a 360 view of the management of your company, facilitating decision-making.

In addition, monday will allow you to promote team collaboration, balance the load between resources, automate processes, and can be integrated with other platforms such as MailChimp, Gmail, etc.
Join us on May 24th for an interactive session, where we'll show you how monday will transform your spreadsheet into a business app.

Topics to cover:

  1. How to take your data from a spreadsheet to monday?
  2. How to create a dashboard?
  3. How to manage resources and balance load?
  4. How to integrate your process into other platforms?

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