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Bust Stress & Be Happy Wellness Workshop
Have you observed what is happening in your mind every moment? It vacillates between the past and the future. It is either in the past, occupied with what has happened, or in the future thinking about what you have to do. The human mind is very complex. It has its delicate and tough aspects. Ever wondered what is the true nature of mind? Can it or how to control it with mind? Come and explore the mind, impact stress has on mind and experience tools to manage stress and the mind, which will help unlock endless possibilities for a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life.

Shelby Farms Woodland Discovery Playground

Shelby Farms Park · Memphis, TN

What we're about

If you live fully in the present, tomorrow will take care of itself and you will not regret the past. This is the Art of living. -- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Spiritual leader and founder, Art of Living Foundation.

We aim to bring diverse sections of the society together from students to professionals, business leaders and entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life in order to address the vital needs of today’s society.

Lets begin with strengthening ourselves by getting over stress....then there is so much energy and vitality to serve others and ourselves!

Sri Sri says " A stress free mind, disease free body and a quiver free breath is the birth right of every human being".

How to achieve this state? Lets explore in our meetings and workshops!

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