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Welcome to the best group on meetup--Art N Soul. For those that have a little bit of soul, and like to stir it up a bit...you've come to the right place. Ok...we may be a little bias, but we'll leave that up to you to decide for yourself. We also have Art N Soul II, which is based in Atlanta, GA.

We believe in quality over quantity....we like to keep our group very close-knit. We try to create a platform for connecting mature and progressive like-minded men and women in the Atlanta Area. There are no "cliques" in this group...and we don't tolerate DRAMA. This is a place where like-minded professionals can meet new friends, mix, mingle and network.

Work Hard! Play Harder!! That's our motto. We all lead busy lives, but you only live once...so let's make the best out of every experience. There's a diverse group of activities in this group for everyone. From Happy Hours to White Water Rafting...to Sporting Events....even traveling across the country. You'll never be bored with us!

The Meaning behind Art N Soul.... I chose the name because everything that we do in life is a work of art...we as human beings, especially in the urban community are very artistic. Each event that we create, is an expression of us. The definition of art is the various branches of creative activity. So everything we do--we put a little spin on it. And ultimately, we do things from the soul. Soul is defined as the essence of a person. So, this group embodies all of that.

To become a member, we only have a few rules.....

1. Incomplete Profiles are not allowed. This helps in relationship building--we strive to be more than just another meetup group....but more of a second family. *If you have an unanswered questions, it will not be approved. Your introduction and Interesting Fact are not the same question. Your introduction is what appears under your photo when you rsvp to an event.You can update this at any time.

Example of Interesting Fact: "I've been skydiving 3 times"

Example of Intro: "Hi my name is Art. I just moved from Cali and am looking for people who like to travel."

2. Fake Names are not allowed. At a minimum, we ask that you provide your First name.

3. You must have a photo of yourself in order for your profile to be accepted. Logo profiles and such aren't allowed. We require that your profile picture is a clear visual photo of who you are just as a safety measure for our group members. It does not have to be your main photo, but one of your pictures has to be of you. *If your membership is pending or was declined, this could be why*

4. Our members pay membership dues (Exempt as of 9/1/18 until further notice) as a means of providing an enhanced membership experience. We provide a lot of perks for our members. If you feel that this group is not a good fit for you, we will gladly refund your money within 2 weeks of you joining. Dues are $8/yearly--That's less than a $1 a month. We are not about making money off of anyone, everything we take in, is put right back into the group. However, if we do not receive your dues once your 60 day trial period has expired, you will be made inactive by meetup.

5. We encourage our members to become ACTIVE and RSVP to meetups that they plan to attend. "Active" is defined as attending an event at least once per quarter. Please do not RSVP to those that you don't plan or don't want to attend. It helps us to cut down on the amount of emails that are sent to the organizer or host of the event. We take RSVP's very serious as we're making reservations with local establishments representing Art N Soul and Art N Soul II. So when you find that you're not able to make it to a particular meetup we ask that you update your RSVP. You are given 3 "No Shows" before your membership will be revoked. If you are a new member and you are a no-show on your first meetup, you will be removed and any dues will be refunded. Unfortunately, due to the number of memebers in both chapters, we are unable to send warnings.

6. Each member is encouraged to "host" at least one meetup. Don't stress over this. This is as simple as suggesting a meetup and being the POC for that particular event. It takes the pressure off always having the same 2-3 people posting events. We encourage ALL ideas. There are no stupid suggestions. And it also gives those that are a little shy the chance to step out of the box a little. Remember, we are more like a "family"...we will never leave anyone out there on a limb by themselves. Hosting also has it's perks....there are special trips and events just for these members.

The success of our group is membership driven. The more involved each member is, the more you will get out of this experience. We have different member categories, which encourages our members to participate. We also have (optional) monthly conference calls that we encourage everyone to participate in....with the new platform we have, it helps ease that fear of attending your first meetup and not knowing anyone".

For more detailed information about the group, you can click on the tabs above and click on the member "pages" to read more About Us.

Once you are approved to join, please start out by reading the message boards, starting with "Important Information For New Members".

*By joining you have acknowledged all 6 rules above.

Welcome to the Family!!! In your welcome email, you will find more information on how to jump on in and get your feet wet...

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