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What we’re about

Greetings Soul Squad!
Welcome to the Art N Soul Escapes. For those that have a little bit of soul, and like to stir it up a've come to the best social experience around. Ok...we may be a little bias, but we'll leave that up to you to decide for yourself. We've been around since 2010, with the original group being in D.C; In 2012, the Atlanta group was established. 
We believe in quality over quantity....we like to keep our group very close-knit. We try to create a platform for connecting ​​mature and progressive like-minded men and women in the Atlanta Area. There are no "cliques" in this group...and we don't tolerate DRAMA. This is a place where like-minded professionals can meet new friends, mix, mingle and network.
​Invest.In.Your.Soul-- That's our new motto.  Although we still very much believe in work hard, play hard, our new focus is all about taking care of ourselves.....We only get one life, so make sure you are investing in YOU. ​Sometimes we get so busy taking care of everyone else, we put ourselves on the back burner. You no longer have to.  ​There's a diverse group of activities ​and travel opportunities ​in this group for everyone. From Happy Hours to White Water Sporting Events....even traveling across the country. You'll never be bored with us! And spending time doing things that make you happy is very important. 
The Meaning behind Art N Soul (Escapes).... I chose the name because everything that we do in life is a work of art...we as human beings, especially in the urban community are very artistic. Each event that we create, is an expression of us.  The definition of art is the various branches of creative activity. So everything we do--we put a little spin on it. And ultimately, we do things from the soul. Soul is defined as the essence of a person. So, this group embodies all of that. In addition, we use travel to "escape" (or take much needed breaks) every day life and get that quality "me" time.
The Difference Between the Facebook & Meetup Groups....The Experience. You are a VIP. You will receive advance access to all trips, which is a bonus in itself due to limited space. You will also have access to exclusive trips that are only available to our Meetup members. For those that like to get to know the people you travel with, this is definitely an added bonus; several events throughout the year make it easy to get to know one another.  Lastly, meetup members get exclusive discounts and promo codes. 
For Those That Like To Travel:  Majority of our travel packages comes with RT Airfare (unless otherwise specified). Our goal is to make it affordable for people to travel and not break the bank. For those that prefer to do land-only packages, we can do that as well, you would just have to inquire prior to booking. As a bonus for our members, there are certain trips that are only open to our Meetup Members, and can only be found on our Meetup calendar.  For trips that are open to the general public, they can be found on our website:
Cost:  Current cost of our annual membership is $12/year  (DURING COVID-19, Membership dues will be reduced to $6/year).