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Game Development Production Cycle - Stage 4 & 5: Marketing & Release

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If you want to become a game designer and would love to know what it takes to make a living off your passion, then join us as we gain valuable insight into the game production cycle with Juan Maldonado. Juan Maldonado has 15 years of experience as a Game Designer, Project Manager and Producer for companies, Arkadium, Johnson & Johnson and his company GR2U. This event is part 3 of a 3 part series.

Below is a breakdown of what will be covered at this event.


- Budget
- Spread the Word
- Social Media
- Professional Groups
- Advertisement

- Testing/Debugging
- Upload to Marketplace/Release
- Analytics
- Post-Mortem

We are currently in the process of booking a place and time for this event. We will keep you posted.