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Calling all women!

Are you looking to fire up your creative juices, ARTFUL DREAMERS STUDIO is the ideal place to enhance your creativity.
You will find new inspiration, discover the depth of your creative potential, express yourself to your heart’s content, explore your spirit, and play with vibrant, exciting colors. You will be guided to discover the magic of your spontaneity and the power of your intuition.

This Meetup is for WOMEN.

Artful Dreamers is a safe sacred space to dig down into your creativity. (My phone # is 253-209-4706)

More info: https://www.artfuldreamers.com/


Meet YOU in the Studio

heARTfully yours,


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Love Note: ZOOM Class

Artful Dreamers Studio


Love Note : A message to self : I LOVE YOU!
on Zoom

A Sacred Creative Nourishment evening writing and painting a
" LOVE Note"

Say YES after REGISTERING @https://www.artfuldreamers.com/events/love-note-6

"Dare to LOVE YOURSELF as if you were a Rainbow with Gold on both Ends" (Aber Jhani)

Allow me to guide YOU in a sacred circle of LOVE to write and paint a "LOVE Note".

Prepare to let go and allow it to unfold as it may.

I will guide YOU through some exercises before we start painting so that we can drop down and fully embrace our experience together.

Some things for YOU consider:

How do you want to feel coming to the workshop? Will you wear something that you LOVE?
Perhaps a favorite piece of jewelry or a crystal tucked into your pocket. A talisman of sorts to accompany you on your adventure!
When I take a minute to decide how I want to feel I usually end up feeling JOY in my heart because I made time for ME!

We will play on the canvas with paints and stencils and create a fun time as YOU send love to YOUR own heart from beautiful, fabulous YOU through a "LOVE Note".

YOU will gather up all the LOVE, IMAGINATION, KINDNESS and paint it into YOUR canvas.

Before saying YES please register.
REGISTRATION REQUIRED @ https://www.artfuldreamers.com/events/love-note-6

Kind Words:
When was the last time you wrote a love note to yourself (if ever?). We wrote them, and then we painted over them, leaving the self-love and kindness to shine through.
Just what I needed! N.S.

No refunds or class changes


Artful Dreamers Studio


Let Your Inner Child out to PLAY!

What would a playful "you" look like ?
Come dance with your paint brush.

Paint a wildly fabulous groovy self-portrait embodying a you that you've never seen before.

Own your grooviness and just have some plain old fun! Join me in letting go of pretenses and expectations.

Revel in self-discovery through colors, lines, and features.

PLAY…PLAY...PLAY some more!

Paint your feelings, expressions, and even a little bit of wackiness adds flavor.

Be wildly wild and carefree! No art experience needed.

COME PLAY! Nurture your soul and tickle your funny bone!


REGISTRATION REQUIRED @ https://www.artfuldreamers.com/events/let-your-inner-child-out-to-play-zoom-class

SUPPLIES you need to have:
* Suggested 16x20" canvas or whatever size you wish
* A few different size paint brushes
* Acrylic paint colors such as yellow, brown, red, blue, white, black, orange, green. purple. Any colors you would like to use
* Hair dryer or heat gun
* Container for water & water
* Rag or paper towel
* pencil
* tissue paper
* mod podge or white glue
* bubble wrap or the inside of an Amazon envelope

* Stencils if you have them & stencil brush or sponge

Come with an open heart and be ready for some FUN!

Check your email for ZOOM info after registering & save it please.

If searching for zoom info look for "Let Your Inner Child out to PLAY"


Live class on Zoom

No refunds or class changes

REGISTRATION REQUIRED @ https://www.artfuldreamers.com/events/let-your-inner-child-out-to-play-zoom-class

A Great Big Thank you
Needs a date and time

Artful Dreamers Studio

I want to THANKS all who have supported ARTFUL DREAMERS STUDIO this year and everyone that plans on creating in the studio. I appreciate you. YOU allow me to do what I love to do, share CREATIVITY in our world. I have a GRATEFUL heART.
HAPPY NEW YEAR. May you be healthy, creative and filled with JOY.

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