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Stressed? Burnt out? Fatigued? In the last 6 months. Trust me, I understand and I got you. Let’s do something about it.

It’s time to take care of yourself! Mind. Body. Soul.

Why Artful Mind Project was realised is because we believe every person is destined for greatness. But sometimes life presents roadblock that can hamper this. The Artful project believes in positive mental health and wellbeing powers creativity. Creativity fuels greatness. However, personal and work life presents many challenges, too often women feel exhausted, burnt-out and drained, this dulls creativity & blunts productivity.

It’s stresses of both home and work life, that factor into triggering mental unbalances. So take care of you, this is paramount and an essential necessity. Our company is running an event, that will explore holistic and practical measures, to let the best you shine though.

The Upcoming event is entitled: Together We Are Stronger - Thursday 7th March @ Huckletree West.

Tickets (£10) are on sale at:

It is a social Enterprise project and £2 of every ticket sold will go to two local charities - you can find out more information on the website www.artful.me.uk.

Look forward to see you there,


Dr Julia Jones

-Don't hesitate to contact me

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Artful Mind Meet Up

Drink, Shop & Do


This is a catch up with anyone interested in attending. This is an awesome event in Central London that will allow us the opportunity to relax and unwind. Please click if you will be in attendance. Funds Raised is for Charity - https://greenribbon.thelordmayorsappeal.org I would love to see you there, to meet and greet! Please come out, support invite friends too! Remember to RSVP! The Image is from the Venue - Drink, Shop & Do!

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Together We Are Stronger!

Huckletree West

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