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Welcome to the largest data science group in the Southeastern United States!
We are a gathering of current and aspiring data science practitioners, focusing on practical applications of data science to solve interesting, meaningful challenges across specialties and industries.

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Meetup topics include:
• data science
• machine learning
• predictive analytics
• data visualization
• natural language processing
• deep learning
• data engineering
• exploratory data analysis
• statistics
• computer science
• open-source technologies

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Fintech Analytics Panel with PayPal, Fiserv, BlackRock, UBS, Equifax and more ✨

Data science in the financial industry has evolved and disrupted a variety of areas ranging from payments, investments, and consumer finance, to insurance, securities settlement, and cryptocurrencies. These companies heavily depend on advanced applications of analytics such as machine learning, artificial intelligence,and predictive analytics to simplify decision making, identify patterns -- and arguably most importantly, to provide the unprecedented solutions and resources that we have come to expect as consumers. Join us for a conversation with some of the world’s best known leaders in the industry as we discuss the impact of data science and advanced analytics on the financial sector. SPEAKERS - Avihay Nathan | Senior Director of Data Science, Paypal - Rajkumar Bondugula, PhD | Principal Data Scientist, Equifax - Marcus Martin | Co-Founder & CEO, Anchor Digital - Carolina Hoffmann-Becking | Senior Strategist, Artificial Intelligence & Innovation, Ernst & Young - Shrishti Gupta | Data Scientist, Black Rock - Akshata Nayak | Associate Director, UBS - Abhishek Breja | Head of Intelligent Automation Tech & Transformation, Fiserv Agenda 5:00-5:30 pm EST - Intro and Presentations 5:30-6:10 pm EST - Panel Discussion 6:10-6:30 pm EST - Audience Q&A _____________ Brought to you by our - PRESENTING SPONSOR at Amazon Web Services (AWS) - SIGNATURE SPONSOR at Quanthub - EXHIBTING SPONSOR at TIBCO Please direct sponsorship inquiries to [masked]

Data Science ATL Conference 2020

Buckhead Theatre

Learn how #datascience is transforming the industries of global leaders at the third annual Data Science ATL Conference! #DSATLConf20 will showcase the wide variety of data science applications across industry verticals and technical disciplines, with the goal of connecting practitioners, executives and industry leaders with data science and the disruptive impact it is having on their businesses and lives. WORKSHOPS - Executive Data Science - Data Visualization + Storytelling - Python for Data Science - RStudio for Data Science - Text Analytics + NLP - Deep Learning - Blockchain + Cryptocurrency REGISTRATION: http://dsatlconf20.eventbrite.com Promo: MEETUP30 for 30% off - exp 2019 (https://dsatlconf20.eventbrite.com?discount=MEETUP30)

Learn Natural Language Processing (NLP) by spaCy
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spaCy is a library for Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Python. For NLP-based deep learning, spaCy is a way to prepare text. It interoperates with TensorFlow, Keras, Scikit-Learn, Gensim and the rest of Python's awesome Artificial Intelligence ecosystem. spaCy helps you connect the statistical models trained by these libraries to the rest of your application. This will be an hands on introduction to spaCy tutorial. The training is free of charge.

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People Analytics: Aligning HR & Data Strategies

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