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AI Ethics : Data Privacy and Access Control by individuals

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Abhishek G.


Looking forward to see you tonight!

Directions to get to the room:

  • Take the lobby stairs up to the first floor
  • Turn left as you open the doors to the floor
  • Follow the hallway; the room is on your left hand side at the end of the hall


Howdy folks! We're back with the Ethics sessions - going to be resuming a more regular schedule now! Here's some information for this session -

Guiding questions :

  1. How can an individual define and organize his/her personal data in the algorithmic era?
  2. What is the definition and scope of personally identifiable information?

Format :

6:30-6:35 introduction on the format of the session

6:35 - 7:05 break out into groups to discuss the readings, build common understanding and identify unresolved issues & points of contention
7:05 - 7:50 all groups merge back and discuss unresolved issues and points of contention
7:50 - 8:00 session wrap-up and feedback

NOTE: Readings are mandatory for this session so that we can have productive discussions

Readings :

  1. [General understanding]

Bonus (good to read for more informed discussions):




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