AI Ethics : Data Privacy and Access Control by individuals [Session 2]

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After a productive session around this topic, we're going to do a follow-on session with a few more questions that we'll address.

Guiding questions :

1) What is the definition of control regarding personal data?
2) How can we redefine data access to honor the individual?

Format :

6:30-6:35 introduction on the format of the session

6:35 - 7:05 break out into groups to discuss the readings, build common understanding and identify unresolved issues & points of contention
7:05 - 7:50 all groups merge back and discuss unresolved issues and points of contention
7:50 - 8:00 session wrap-up and feedback

NOTE: Readings are mandatory for this session so that we can have productive discussions

Readings :






Bonus Readings (for even more productive discussions) :