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AI Ethics: Future of Education

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Abhishek G.
AI Ethics: Future of Education


The Montreal AI Ethics Institute and GamePlay Space are joining forces to discuss the future of education with a particular focus on how AI advances are going to impact that.

With the rapid rise of AI impacting various aspects of our everyday lives, it will become inevitable that skills that we impart in the educational system today will become irrelevant and will need a major overhaul to better prepare the next generation for a world where automation will be everywhere and lifespanning careers will be a thing of the past.

This session will take a critical, deep-dive into what this means and will explore this through the following reading material with an objective to produce a short article summarizing the views from our discussions.

Guiding questions for the session:

  1. What are the top 3 skills that will need to be imparted to students to better prepare for the future? Emphasize why you think those skills are more important that what’s being taught today.

  2. What could be 3 ways that teachers can adapt their curriculum concretely to impart the skills that you identified in question 1? Bonus points for highlighting concrete changes that can easily be implemented today.

Mandatory Readings:

  1. The Role of AI in Education and vice-versa

  2. Exploring the impact of AI on teaching and learning in higher education

  3. Adapting education to the demands of a rapidly changing economy

  4. Getting ready for the future of work:

NOTE : Please join Slack via as we will be actively discussing things there leading up to the session.

Format :

6:00-6:30 Registration and networking

6:30-6:35 Introduction

6:35-6:40 Break out into groups

6:40-7:00 Group discussion

7:00-7:55 Group presentations and debate [3 min. presentation + 4 min cross-questioning by group]

7:55-8:00 Session wrap-up

1435 Rue Sainte-Alexandre, #140 · Montreal, qc