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[Special G7 AI session] AI Ethics: Future of Work - Deep Dive

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Abhishek G.
[Special G7 AI session] AI Ethics: Future of Work - Deep Dive


NOTE: This is a special session to capture community feedback on this topic - it will be shared at the upcoming G7 AI Summit happening in Montreal on Dec 6th.

The Montreal AI Ethics Institute and Stradigi AI are joining forces to discuss the future of work and the skills that will be necessary for the modern economy.

This session will take a critical, deep-dive into what this means and will explore this through the following reading material with an objective to produce a short article summarizing the views from our discussions.

Guiding questions for the session:

1) There is a tension between short term labour market shortages and long term displacement. For example, how do we deal with an acute lack of truck drivers today, knowing this field is highly susceptible to automation in the future?

2) Categorizations and dichotomies such as worker/owner, capital/labour, high skill/low skill, no longer effectively define the debate. How do we capture and describe the new tensions and drivers in the future of work?

3) With the rising use of the terms AI for Good, automation for good, etc. How should we measure, and incentivize automation for good?

Mandatory Readings:

0) Machine Learning 101 [Very strongly recommended for those without a technical background]

1) Future Skills Lab - Building a Highly Skilled and Resilient Canadian Workforce Through The FutureSkills Lab

2) Royal Society for the Arts (RSA) Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices -

NOTE : Please join Slack via as we will be actively discussing things there leading up to the session.

Format :

5:45-5:55 Registration and networking

5:55-6:00 Introduction

6:00-6:05 Break out into groups

6:05-7:35 Group discussion

7:35-7:45 Synthesize group discussion

7:45-8:10 Group presentations and debate [3 min. presentation + 4 min cross-questioning by group]

8:10-8:15 Session wrap-up
Stradigi AI
1470 Peel, Suite 1050 · Montreal, qc
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