• Mastering AI for Good

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    Please confirm your participation here: https://aigeeks20.eventbrite.com * Talk 1 - Using AI to reduce food waste Florian Goebels Talk 2 - AI for social good: AI solutions in the disability market Eyra Abraham Talk 3 - Mastering AI Strategy Brian Lenahan * Talk 1 - Using AI to reduce food waste - Florian Goebels As Canadians, we waste every day a total of 2.4M potatoes, 1.2M tomatoes, 1.2M apples, and many more. More than half of all food produced in Canada is lost or wasted. This totals to an equivalent to 9.8 million tons of CO2 or 2.1 million cars on the road (~10% of cars in Canada). How can we leverage current AI technologies to tackle this problem? Here I suggest an IoT solution to retrofit existing fridges to smart fridges. I combine image recognition and sensors to conveniently track food waste and consumption. It will support calculating CO2 impact based on each individual’s food consumption, encouraging users to change their consumption lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly while saving them money. Bio: Florian has more than 7 years of experience in Data science. In 2014 he received his Ph.D. in Computer science from the Technical University of Munich, after which he joined the University of Toronto as a postdoctoral fellow. During Florian’s academic career his focus was on developing and implementing top-notch custom machine learning solution. Prior to joining BMO Florian worked as a researcher at LoyaltyOne’s innovation lab where he investigates novel applications of deep learning on Canada’s largest retail dataset with the goal to improve your shopping experience. Florian’s goal as a member of BMO’s Data Cognition Team is to use his acquired ML expertise to deliver the best possible machine learning solution to your specific problem. In his free time, Florian actively participates in the Toronto AI environment and he explores new ML technologies and their applications. * Talk 2 - AI for social good: AI solutions in the disability market - Eyra Abraham We often hear news and stories of where AI has gone wrong. However, AI is positively changing the landscape of adaptive and assistive technologies for people living with disabilities. This presentation will highlight the latest successes and positive impact brought by new emerging, innovative technology using AI. Bio: Eyra Abraham is the founder of Lisnen, a startup changing the landscape of adaptive technologies for people living with a hearing loss using the latest in AI technologies. Lisnen is developing a mobile app that connects people with a hearing loss to the hearing world. Using vibrating and flashing alert notifications, Lisnen brings attention to critical sounds such as siren and fire alarm in any environment right from a smartphone. The goal is to bridge the gap between the hearing world and those with a hearing loss allowing the Deaf/Hard of Hearing to gain independence and security anywhere they are. * Talk 3 - Mastering AI Strategy Brian will share 3 case studies to illustrate companies that have been successful at developing a robust artificial intelligence strategy, and how you can incorporate these strategies in your own business. Brian's humorous approach to business and technology keeps audiences engaged and invigorated about AI and its future potential. Bio: Brian Lenahan, the author of the Amazon bestseller "Artificial Intelligence: Foundations for Business Leaders and Consultants", MIT AI program graduate and former bank executive, consults to diverse organizations on developing and implementing artificial intelligence strategies. For more information check out his website at www.aquitaineinnovationadvisors.com.

  • Getting Started with AI

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    To find out more and register to this event: http://start-ai.eventbrite.com Only the confirmation at Eventbrite will allow you to join the seminar. We are excited to partner with The Coding Hive (thecodinghive.com) to host our first hands-on coding workshop in artificial intelligence. This introductory workshop is designed to provide you with an overview of how AI algorithms work and how they can be coded in Python. In this session, we will: - Introduce you to the capabilities of AI and how they can be utilized. - Provide a brief introduction to the most commonly used machine learning algorithms. - Teach you some essential Python skills in data import, data cleaning and data visualization. - Deep dive into XGBoost, a machine learning algorithm that wins most of the competitions on Kaggle. We will break down the theoretical components and code it in Python. - Apply the above skills to build a cancer classifier using a breast cancer dataset. - Discuss the next steps that you can take to implement the model and turn it into an application. More details: start-ai.eventbrite.com

  • Connecting to Nature with AI

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    For faster admission, please confirm your attendance here: https://aigeeks22.eventbrite.com The meeting is hosted by RBC and FutureMakers Talk 1 - Maryam Fallah Talk 2 - Sarah Sun Talk and Demo: Loss Prediction in Crop Insurance - Tzvi Aviv More details will be added closer to the event. Demo - Loss Prediction in Crop Insurance AgriLogicAI develops geospatial intelligence platforms for maintaining farm productivity, profitability, and sustainability in warming climates. AgriLogicAI helps farmers and crop insurance companies mitigate the risks posed by climate change by applying deep learning and machine learning to satellite images and historical farm data to analyze crop yields and predict food production risks in areas ranging from entire states to single fields. We are currently piloting crop-yield prediction services for crop insurance and reinsurance companies in North America. Our technology can improve actuary risk models, automate onboarding and claims processes, and improve financial planning in crop insurance companies. Bio: Tzvi Aviv won several awards for his open-innovation work with life-science companies, including awards from agricultural and pharmaceutical companies. He gained his data analytics and project management skills at the Hospital for Sick Children and the Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics at the University of Toronto. An MBA from Ryerson University with a focus on the Management of Innovation and Technology complements his skills with business intelligence, business strategy, and presentation experience.

  • December meeting (Hosted by RBC)

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    More details will be added closer to the event.