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AI NI - Launch Event

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Austin T. and Jordan M.
AI NI - Launch Event


Within Northern Ireland, there is an active and vibrant AI community. This is spread out across multiple demographics ranging from industry, academia to even enthusiasts! In this first AI NI event we will give you an overview of some of the activity that is happening in Northern Ireland with representation from all of the above groups and more. It is a key goal of AI NI to represent the wider community and the speakers that are taking part reflect our commitment to this goal.

Gillian Armstrong (Liberty IT) - Humanising Computers using Conversational AI
For decades computers have made us interact with them on their terms – specific commands, buttons, dropdowns. What does it mean for them to now be able to interact with us in the way we interact with each other – through natural language. Let’s explore the artificial intelligence, psychology and philosophy of teaching a computer to chat, looking at the potential and the challenges both from my experience in Liberty IT and Workgrid Software, as well as in the wider industry.

Adam Askew (Phillips) - A Journey from Machine Learning to Deep Learning
Adam will give an overview of how Phillips transitioned from using traditional Machine Learning techniques to deep learning. He will also discuss why they embarked on this journey and the various challenges they encountered along the way.

Raymond Bond (University of Ulster) - Eye Tracking Analytics in Medicine

Mykola Galushka / Nick (Auromind) - AI in Drug Discovery
Drug Discovery is a multi-billion industry which starting to adopt the latest AI technology to improve the success rate and reduce time for finding new medicine. This talk will highlight some challenges and benefits of adopting AI solutions in a drug discovery pipeline.

Rachel Coulter (QUB Student) - Getting Started with AI
Rachael offers an interesting perspective, a student who is actively interested in AI and developing her skills in the topic. She will take you through her experiences in working / learning about AI and the lessons learnt along the way.

Panel Discussion
Austin Tanney and the speakers will then take the stage for a panel discussion where they will debate and share their opinions on a few of the in vogue topics in the world of AI. The panel each have very different experiences, insights and will certainly give interesting answers to the various questions posed by Austin. Attendee interaction is welcome!

Don't worry, we will provide food as well! The event kicks off at 6pm, we are looking forward to meeting more of the vibrant AI community in Northern Ireland. If you would like to speak at the next event (we are flexible in regard to format) please do get in touch.

AI NI is supported both by Digital Catapult Northern Ireland and Kainos, the support they have given has been invaluable and contributed to the inception of this community.

18 Ormeau Ave · Belfast BT2 8HS
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