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Artificial Intelligence - Northern Ireland
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St George's Market

12-20 East Bridge Street · Belfast BT1 3NQ

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AI NI 3 is in partnership with Digital DNA, who are holding a comprehensive business & technology event in Belfast that will bring together over 150 speakers covering topics such as UX, Fintech, Blockchain and of course Artificial Intelligence (yay). Digital DNA have kindly provided us with a large space, in which we are holding our next event - don't worry, access to the venue for AI NI members is totally free! 🎉

Fiona Browne (UU) - Network Medicine
Discovering the genetic causes of diseases is a major challenge in medicine. Advances in experimental technologies such as DNA sequencing has produced huge amounts of biological data which are helping us understand disease. In our research we model various biological data as networks and apply network theory to build predictive models with the aim of identifying disease genes. We have applied our approach to Ovarian Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease and will highlight key findings in this talk.

Aaron Fallon (Bizarre Voice)- Optimising machine learning models the smart way

An introduction to Bayesian optimisation in 21 days 15 minutes

Liam Brannigan (Analytics Engines) - Bayesian methods for dealing with uncertainty in machine learning

Dealing with uncertainty is a major challenge in machine learning. Bayesian methods have long provided a theoretical basis for dealing with this challenge. Recent developments in algorithms mean that Bayesian methods now also provide a practical solution. I'll provide a brief introduction to dealing with uncertainty using modern Bayesian learning methods in python

Andrew Bolster (Alert Logic / Farset Labs) - Unfeeling Fire; Autonomy in Defence

Discussing the history and future of automation, autonomy and 'intelligence' in military, defence, and security contexts.

In addition to this Digital DNA have provided AI NI members with an exclusive discount for access to the rest of the two day Digital DNA conference at a price of £65, this is £104 off the normal price. If you are interested in taking advantage of this reduced rate, follow the link below.

If you need more information on the wide spectrum of talks, exhibitions and workshops that come with this ticket, check out the Digital DNA website below.

The AI NI event = Free (for everyone of our members to attend!)
Digital DNA = Significant discount (only if your interested in attending!)