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This is a Group for those interested in designing and building Artificial Intelligence systems. To use as a Decision Support tool for trading the financial markets. Not high-frequency, fully automated, but short term (5-20 days), with a Decision Matrix that you can tailor to suit your trading philosophy and risk profile. This Group is also a place to discuss the pros and cons of an AI trading system and to debunk myths and set straight what AI can and cannot do.

The first Meetup revealed that Members fall into two distinct categories: (1) Members with in-depth knowledge of the subject. Full-time professional traders and IT experts who are already using trading systems of their own, not necessarily AI systems. For this category of Members (who formed the majority of attendees at the first meetup, discussion at a higher level is required. (2) The second group of members are newbies to the subject, those who are already using technical analysis indicators and charting. Plus some Members who are curious about AI in general. For this category of Members, I will post on Pages and Files of this site, articles which will be helpful for a basic understanding of the subject. I will also host a meetup only for this category of Members. Putting them together with the advanced members, they will be lost amid the jargon and the mathematics.

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Autium Jewellery Showroom Cafe

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