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AI Unconference GX #4 - Future of work followed by people, planet and profits
AGENDA - tbc 7:00 pm - Registration, networking and nibbles 7:30 pm - Future of work 8:30 pm - Triple bottom line TBC 9:30 pm - End • Topic 1: Future of Work Facilitator: Rachel Dempers We are in for a massive change with the arrival of new tech and AI in the workplace. The obvious first reaction is to panic and wonder how we will carve out a position in a radically changed future working environment. As an employee or employer, you need to be ready, but where do you start? We will run a "world cafe" type meeting to explore the issues and to create a space to share ideas. We will see collective intelligence in action and if we are lucky, we will capture this wisdom on a group mindmap. This type of event is fun and there will be plenty of opportunities to learn. • Topic 2: Triple bottom line (TBC) Facilitator: Nick Horslen As we move forward into a future of rapid change, do we need to adjust our metrics and go beyond just the financial? How do we value and judge society when a much bigger proportion of people are no longer working in the traditional sense. Triple bottom accounting ideas cover social, environmental as well as the financial. (Also known as the Three P's: people, planet and profits.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • What we'll do Our job is to set the scene and to kick things off. We use "unconference" style techniques and ideas to create maximum participation by the audience. Come along to find your voice and to connect, we are a friendly bunch. • What to bring Ideas, questions and be ready to join in. This event is about you. • Important to know Be prepared to abandon the notion of powerpoint slides. We learn best when we start talking to each other. ** Please RSVP via, there is a fee of £12.50 to keep this non-profit and to cover venue costs.

The Bull Hotel

Oxford Road, Gerrards Cross · Bucks SL9 7PA

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What we're about

Q. Can A Future With A.I. Be Positive?
A. Come and Find Out by Attending The Unconference

The Mission
* To create an authentic forum for the exchange of ideas
* To allow everyone to learn and grow
* To give hope for a positive future

Who do you believe? Musk, Gates and Hawking who worry about a future where AI is so dominant that the future is dystopian. Or do you go along with Zuckerberg, Dr Kaku and Kurzweil and believe the future is positive?

No matter what you think, the future is yet to be defined. If you read enough and talk to people about this subject it becomes apparent that negative conclusions are easier to reach and that fear is easily stoked by some.

This unconference wishes to chart a positive path of hope and to demystify some of the issues around AI. An unconference not only allows for active participation at the event but also in the planning of the agenda. Join in, you won't regret it, maybe your ideas really do matter and should to shared far and wide.

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