What we're about

This group is interested in the creation of "sentient animation"—interactive characters in VR, AR, games and apps who display social awareness and behavioral intelligence. Responsive, algorithmic personalities who use the familiar behaviors of living creatures to emotionally engage the viewer.

It's easy to imagine sophisticated and compelling “living characters” leveraging advances in machine learning, mind models, virtual and augmented reality, fast physics simulation, facial recognition, expression recognition, language processing, the semantic web, and good old manipulative animator trickery in the service of utility, entertainment, and emotional impact.

The purpose of our meetup group—ideally a healthy mix of AI developers who love animation and animators who want to implement AI—is to find out what’s happening in this arena, share work and insights, and kick ideas around, hopefully while drinking beer.

Over the next month I’ll be reaching out to find venues for our meetings, people who are interested in presenting, and possibly sponsors. If you can host or would like to present your work, please contact me!

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Our first meetup...
Needs a date and time

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I need to see how many people join the group and what sort of involvement I can pull together in the next few weeks. Looking forward to it!

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