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The previous wave of progress in Artificial Intelligence started three decades ago and was based on hand-coding the "intelligence" into a software application. The recent wave of progress in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fueled by data: AI can automatically extract the ‘intelligence’ from the past situations and apply it to new situations. This new wave has enormous impact on the commercialization of AI-based solutions because it reduces the upfront development cost and time. The added bonus is that as the system is used more often the better it gets. The remaining challenge is where we can get enough amount of good quality data for each application domain. We believe the right place to look for large amounts of relatively good quality data is in the Enterprise. Also the value created by solving problems in the enterprise are easier to capture. The purpose of this group is to bring all parties that have an interest in solving real-world problems in the Enterprise with the applications of AI technologies. Join us if you are: - a startup with AI technology looking for the right market opportunity - a startup with deep understanding of Enterprise pain points and expertise in solving it using AI - an Enterprise interested in getting an edge on what breakthrough solutions might be available - an investor (Angel, GP, LP) - an Enterprise software vendor in search of partners, customers, connections - an entrepreneur interested in getting a sense of the possibilities and finding interesting problems to work on - an AI technologist interested in getting a sense of where the applications of AI are heading Blog: "From Big Data to Intelligent Applications" https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/from-big-data-intelligent-applications-cirrus-shakeri

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