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This meet-up is for the artisan home baker and bread aficionado interested in baking bread with sourdough or yeast cultures. The goal is to discuss and learn baking techniques. These techniques include but are not limited to: developing an initial sourdough starter, use of ingredients, sourcing supplies (e.g. flour and equipment), being resourceful when (and when not) baking at home, or when dealing with complicated work and school schedules. Meetings are hosted by members, rotating location on a monthly basis. The hosting member may bake bread, discuss and demonstrate techniques with the group. There is opportunity for bread baking workshops if a member is open to hosting such an event.

General House Rules

· If you sign up, show up. Some hosts will not tolerate no shows.

· Avoid canceling the same day. Cancel as soon as possible so someone else can claim the seat and the host knows how many members are coming.

· Request the use of kitchen and kitchen equipment from the host in advance to make sure that appliances are available and you can receive instructions to use tools and equipment appropriately. Offer help to clean the kitchen.

· The meet-up is focused on bread making, but that does not mean we cannot talk about others subjects. Arguments happen. That's OK. Let's keep it light and let disagreements be solved between parties without involving other members, outside the events

· We reserve the right to edit publicly viewable material including message boards, RSVP's, event conversations, comments etc. if these are not in the spirit of this meet-up.

· If you violate any of the following you will be removed from our group:

· If you use member data, email and/or calendar for spamming or promoting items not related to this group and this group’s events and without organizer approval.

· Threatening, harassing, and rude behavior on this web site or during meetups

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