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Building a business model I have been dreaming of for over 16 years and I want to encourage others who may be interested in joining or guiding my pursuits alongside their own. My only goal for this Meetup is bringing together Freelancers--- impassioned souls to market and share their artistic gifts of Building, Designing, Repairing, Restoring or Re-purposing Antiques and Heirlooms as a service, marketable product or merchandise for sale to the greater public. The concept allows all to share a generously equipped facility with tools, materials and equipment and impassioned souls with years of varied experience in their own entrepreneurial pursuits under shared management and overhead. It also reasons to take advantage of the larger following toward the new Gig Economy....which I believe is a legitimately strong trend for the 21st Century.

I own and run my own facility in Chamblee and work daily making contacts and connections in loosely affiliated industries hoping to build the right network of folks to serve my blessed following. I recently bought out the interest of my Partner for the last several years who has finally made the move into retirement. This has finally allowed me full reign to chase my dream in the successful creation of this CoOperative Concept. The past 2 years have been rather frustrating as I have searched for Freelancers to help me get an overwhelming load of work accomplished for a large established client base while fostering financial and professional success for the team as a whole. Scouring Linked-in and Indeed with targeted ads has brought me limited success and many inappropriate responses from folks simply looking for traditional employment.

I believe due to overbearing regulations and other burdens on small business, its financially restrictive for most small and very talented Artisans and Craftsman to get to that next level beyond their own garages or basements. I want to help foster a new win-win approach to this overwhelming problem. I also hope to share and uncover as many Digital Aides and Assets we can incorporate in the growth and management of our own businesses to help us stay competitive in the 21st Century. Excited to reach out through this forum to share my experiences and foster group learning with and from other like minded Artisans. Look forward to our profitable and successful future together.

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