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Hello there! This meetup is meant to be a chill place to meet other artists or people who simply love art, and to discuss, share, critique, and collaborate with other artists! Art is a very wide topic so people going to a meetup can bring in 2D art like drawings or paintings, 3D art like sculptures, written work like novels and poems, and more. However, just make sure not to bring anything too big of course since the meetups will be hosted in a small to medium sized coffeeshop. And if you want to share music, just bring in a recording of it since it's still a public space and we don't want to cause too much noise, but the coffee shop does host open mics if you want to preform then!

There will also be fun activities to join that can be done in small space. For example, there will be a doodle board to draw or write almost anything you want.

This meetup is also welcome to people who don't want to share any art, yet would still like to hang out with artists and possibly make new friends.

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