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Increase productivity. Improve confidence. Proven program inspires artists and others in all walks of life to break through resistance, self-criticism, fears, perfectionism, jealousy, limiting beliefs and other creative blocks to connect to their intuition and the creative energies of the Universe. Practical tools and in-class activities and exercises develop new habits that support your creative process. Non-judgmental structure of workshop encourages new ideas, risk-taking and a belief in yourself. Authentic expression and originality flourish.

“Kelly helped me to get out of my head and be freer.” Michelle West, Lawyer

“Two new CDs. Four standing gigs a week. More radio airplay. A tour in UK and Scotland. As a result of classes and personal coaching with Kelly, my creative direction has evolved beyond wishing for it. I’m a far more disciplined and successful artist now.” Louis Durra, Jazz Musician & Composer

“My breakthroughs were amazing.” Peter Lopresti, Painter, Builder

“I will be forever grateful to Kelly for the classes which made this book possible. She helped me to discover how valuable it can be to wander, to get lost, to take yourself by surprise.” Tom Fields-Meyer, Author of Following Ezra. (National Book Award Finalist).

10 Week Program $395.00.

Payment plans available.

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