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Creative Compassion- The Artist's Way TC December 2012 MeetUp

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"Most of us find that as we work with the morning pages, we begin to treat ourselves more gently. Feeling less desperate, we are less harsh with ourselves and with others. This compassion is one of the first fruits of aligning our creativity with its creator. ~ Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way (p. 96)

Where could your creative journey use a dose of compassion? Feeling fear, getting caught in the muck, falling short of lofty expectations, taking "U-turns" on along the way can leave us bruised and banged up a bit. Even getting blocked or stuck can feel yucky. As creative artists committed to finding (or forging) our way, what better companion that compassion for the journey.

Come join the dialogue about creative compassion.

What past artistic experiences call for the salve of compassion? Could you use a touch of understanding in this present moment? What future steps are calling for compassion no matter the results?

Julia Cameron reminds us that fear is usually at the root of our blocks and love is the antidote.

Use love for your artist to cure its fear. ~ Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way (p. 152)

What do you think?

Hearing others' stories, insights and questions about creativity... and sharing yours...can energize your own artist's way. Please join us for the unfolding creative conversation.

Hope to see you there!


Please refrain from wearing fragrances if possible. Thank you!

TIME and LOCATION! We are meeting at the Pierre Bottineau Library in NE Mpls. You can bring in a covered beverage if you choose, but there is no coffee shop at this locale. The library closes at 8pm, so we are starting at 6:30pm. See you then!