What we're about

This 12 week course moves you through the blocks to creating your art. Taught by a veteran of the Artist's Way and Julia Cameron's other creativity works, author Diana Rajchel helps you identify and clear out whatever stands between you and what you want to create.

Hopefully this will turn into expanded courses that work through all of Julia Cameron's systems. For now, the class meets at 540 Balboa in San Francisco on Monday nights from 6:30-8:30 pm. You may sign up ahead for the full course, or going through Meetup.com sign up to drop in on sessions where you might get stuck when working through the Artist's Way on your own. The drop-in fee covers space rental and class supplies. If you are in just that spot in your novel, can't find your inspiration as an actor, if you're looking for joy in your activism, or seeing happiness in your work - this class can help you think of different approaches to getting what you want out of what you do.

If there's enough interest this meetup space will include individual workshops focused on corralling the inner critic, integrating the spiritual with your creative practice, and strategies for handling crazymakers.