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A Meetup for your healthiest, most creative life! For women, by women. Creative women's groups, women's open mic, group music lessons, bellydance for healing classes, sound healing DIY, singing/sounding circles, food as medicine, castor oil 101, healing nerve pain with herbs, goddess workshops, astrology, poetry readings and more. ♥ May we live in a world where every woman remembers she is sacred, valuable and wildly lovable. Join us! ♥

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Group Piano Lesson - for beginners!

North Portland

Hello Wonderful Pianists, It was wonderful making music with you last week! If you've been here before, I hope to see you again Wednesday. And if you're new, you're wholeheartedly welcomed to our small yet mighty group! Musically, Ronnie P.S. Here comes the usual description, below. - - - - Have you been wanting to learn to play the piano... but felt too shy (or busy, or overwhelmed, etc.) to try? Maybe some time ago, you decided you didn't have musical skills, and should probably steer clear of instruments - especially complicated-looking ones with 88 keys! Well, here's your chance to tiptoe outside your comfort zone, spend quality musical time with other women and let a friendly, warm and experienced teacher introduce you to the wonderful world of piano. >>Group Piano Lessons (for women) are a safe and comfortable way to sit in the company of other kind and musically-curious women. Let's GATHER in a pressure-free environment, and support each other in learning something NEW.<< Ronnie has been teaching piano and voice lessons to all ages (and levels) since 2005. Come meet Ronnie, her piano, the basics, and maybe even a little tune, in this group piano lesson. Class size limited to 4 women, $15 - $20 donation suggested.

Healing Nerve Pain + Gut Issues


Dear Wonderful Women, Happy New Year! I know January is almost through, but the year is still so brand NEW. 🌱 For those of you who are struggling with nerve pain (ouch) and/or gut issues (groan), I've designed a mini e-class for soothing, or even healing, these very common health challenges. From personal experience, I know these tips work. So hop online and join the fun! This e-class will cover many bases - movements, supplements, herbs, self massage and food tips - so you can choose which and what thing works for you, gradually and at your own pace! *Participants will have the opportunity to share their unique challenge and receive personalized tips.* 🌿$15.00 payable via Paypal, Venmo or Square. 🌿Zoom link sent upon registration. 🌿RSVP with care - no show's are no fun. Questions welcome via Messages or in the comments below. To Your Radiant Health, Ronnie

Women's Song/Sound Circle

North Portland

Dear Wonderful Women, Let's do it again!! Every flower has its magic, and so does every voice. Come and add yours to Sunday mornings, to our small yet MIGHTY group! I look forward to sounding with you on the 20th - these are special times of feminine healing and liberation. Much love, Ronnie - - - - Every sound you utter is precious. The words from your heart are a blessing. Let's get together and share our precious, blessed sounds/songs! For thousands of years, women around the world have been gathering together to sing, sound, wail and make some noise. NOW is the time for every woman to add her Voice to the song of creation - to literally, sound a new world (where the Feminine is heard and honored) into being. ***Every single woman's voice is needed.*** In this unique gathering, we'll be celebrating the SONG (or sounds) that have been resting in your heart, longing to come out and add to the aliveness of the world. Here comes the format: - Sacred Circle opening: a bit of sage will be burned, a candle will be lit and our intention for safe and heart-ful self expression will be lovingly set. - Intro: introduce yourself and your experience with singing/sounding/your Voice. - Song circle: circle opens up for each woman to sing, sound, and share her voice. Improvisation, familiar songs and simply silence (that has a sound, too) is all welcome. - Receive: with the consent of the singer/sounder, she may elect to open to receive the compassionate witnessing and reflection of her sisters. - Group song: we'll all sing/sound, at once! For a few minutes, let's see where it takes us. There's no right or wrong, just the glorious sound of women's voices sounding into the world. - Closing: sharing closing remarks and gratitude. - - - - $15.00 - $20.00 donation suggested but not required. Questions welcome. I look forward to sounding a woman-friendly world into being with you! Warmly, Ronnie Ambar

From Isolation to Community: a Family Constellations Workshop

Details will be posted on Thursday. ❤ deannafeeley.com/family-constellation-workshops/

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