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I wanted to set up a monthly girls' get together based on one I used to have w/ friends back home. Every month, we'd get together and bring our tarot cards, a new book, runes, do some psychic games, meditate a bit, make an essential oil concoction, etc. - whatever we'd been wanting to try out or learn about in the realm of spirituality, metaphysics, and witchcraft. :)

Some stuff we've done in the past in case you need ideas!
(all positive things only - no ouija boards or seances, please...)
- reiki
- tarot
- astrology
- palm reading
- making intention-setting candles
- psychic games (i.e.: testing/training clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, etc.)
- runes
- making personal spell kits
- meditation (either relaxing or purposeful; i.e.: past life regression)
- etc.!

Hope to see you there :)

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Arts & Witchcrafts: Moon Magick


Our first meet-up! :) Please bring anything you currently own in the realm of metaphysics that you want to share/try out/practice. Could be tarot cards, could be your awesome palmistry knowledge or reiki abilities, could be a cool meditation YouTube video you found - anything*! I'll look up some fun Moon Magick related crafts that we can all try out as well :) For inspo, in the past I've played psychic games with friends to test our abilities (guessing feelings, images, words that they focused on), read tarot cards, did past life regression meditations, and made personal spell kits - but we're down for nearly anything on the positive side of things :) Hope to see you there! *please no: ouija boards or anything dark-magic, or related to seances, speaking to the dead, etc. No one has to do anything they're uncomfortable with but would prefer to stay on the lighter side :)

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