What we're about

This Arts & Architecture club was born out of my personal frustration with the superficial nature of the current architectural climate. At the moment Architecture has cut all previous ties with the Arts and thinks of itself as a stand-alone discipline. This has resulted in megalomane structures that have lost touch with the human psyche and the very thing it exists for: to empower its spectator to see beyond the physical world and free himself from the mundane by showing him the Emptiness; the Divine. That’s why in this club we will take a closer look at past examples that were already successful in achieving this through a strong interdisciplinary approach. We will do so by choosing a very specific place and moment in time to ensure the originality and boundary pushing nature of the work we are examining at that moment. Through this intense study of successful examples I hope to show that a very strong connection between the Arts and Architecture has always ensured a more original and layered end result, which proved to be time and time again the catalyst for the groundbreaking steps made within the field. So, during our meetings we will not only enjoy the beauty of the work we are looking at, but also want to take away from it a more clearer view of what it takes to create true Architecture that is deeply rooted in all of the Arts, hopefully rekindling their relationship in the process.

(for more information go to www.marnixsteenackers.com)

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