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This meetup is for people interested in the arts, including music and film.

We offer a variety of cultural experiences, some of which involve attending public events as a group, while others are available only through Meetup.com. These currently include:

- A series of art gallery tours in various NYC neighborhoods, with exclusive talks by gallery owners and staff, and sometimes the artists themselves.

- Classical music concerts and lectures, including chamber and piano recitals at discount prices.

- Movie screenings, mostly foreign and independent titles.

Join us and start meeting other arts lovers today!

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IMPORTANT: This is a "non-event event" posted solely for informational and administrative purposes. A breakdown of the individual lists follows. For more general background (in other words, if you are totally confused right now), scroll down past the "Categories and Codes" section. =========================================== WHAT ARE THE FOUR CATEGORIES AND CODES? 1) CATEGORY: ART GALLERY TOURS CODE: "ART" LIST NAME: GOTHAM GALLERY GOERS PRICE RANGE: $19 TO $25 DESCRIPTION: Explore the current art scene of a NYC neighborhood by visiting 5-7 selected galleries. We sometimes have a professional guide (often an art professor) to give us greater insight into the exhibits. On other occasions, I personally arrange an exclusive talk by an artist, dealer or gallerist at every stop. The areas we go to most frequently are Chelsea, the Lower East Side, Soho, and the Upper East Side, with occasional forays into other parts of Manhattan or Brooklyn (Bushwick, for example). 2) CATEGORY: MOVIE SCREENINGS CODE: "FILM" LIST NAME: MOVIES WITH MILTON PRICE RANGE: $13.50 TO $20 DESCRIPTION: Watch high-quality films (mostly foreign and indie) at private viewings with time for socializing and discussion before and after. Complimentary refreshments are served. 3) CATEGORY: CLASSICAL RECITALS CODE: "CONCERTS" LIST NAME: EILEEN SIEGEL MEMORIAL CONCERT SERIES PRICE RANGE: $12 TO $35 DESCRIPTION: Attend performances by talented musicians, meet other audience members and enjoy complimentary refreshments at this series that I founded and produce myself. It is named for my late sister, who shared the gift of music with many people as a teacher, journalist, violinist and pianist. In addition to classical, some programs may feature a certain amount of jazz, world music, Broadway or other genres. 4) CATEGORY: SEASONAL EVENTS CODE: "HOLIDAY" LIST NAME: HOLIDAY HAPPENINGS PRICE RANGE: FREE TO $35 DESCRIPTION: Join in the fun at a variety of calendar-based activities. Three of our "traditions" are the Labor Day Weekend Bash (a party for those not going away), Thanksgiving Dinner for Orphans and Quasi-Orphans, and Christmas Day lunch at a Chinese restaurant. There are also a number of ideas in development. =========================================== BACKGROUND INFO: WHAT IS MEANT BY "PRIVATE VIP EMAIL LISTS"? The groups I organize are gradually being consolidated into four mailing lists, which will bypass the Meetup servers. Each one corresponds to a major category of event that I host. WHY WERE THEY CREATED? The corporation that controls Meetup has made (and continues to make) many ill-advised changes to the system. As a result, it has become imperative that I start to communicate more directly with as many members as possible. WHAT ARE THE POTENTIAL BENEFITS TO MEMBERS? You can receive announcements only for the types of activities in which you have expressed interest. These will generally arrive earlier, more reliably, and with fewer duplicates. In addition, you will be eligible for discounts not available through your Meetup account. HOW DOES ONE SIGN UP? Simply type your name, email and 1-4 codes designating the lists you wish to be on. If you were directed to this page while applying for membership in this group, then return to the "join page" you were on previously and enter the requested data there. If you are already a member of this group, RSVP Yes on this page and you will be prompted (assuming the website software works correctly). Another option is to send me a message at [masked]. Do NOT try to reach me through the comment section below as your contact info would then be publicly viewable. MUST SOMEONE BE ON THESE LISTS TO ATTEND MY EVENTS? No, you can continue to RSVP through Meetup. However, you will then remain totally at the mercy of the incomprehensible algorithms the system uses, and may suddenly start getting event announcements you don't want or stop receiving the ones you do. CAN ONE BE ON THE LISTS AND ALSO STAY IN THE MEETUP GROUPS I ORGANIZE? Yes, but you will receive announcements for the same events through both. So this is not recommended if extra email is a concern. WHAT ABOUT PRIVACY ISSUES? Your email will not be shared with anyone except at the request of law enforcement or to comply with a court order, and you may unsubscribe at any time. WHY AREN'T OTHER ORGANIZERS DOING THIS? Some are. However, the decisions made at Meetup HQ impact each organizer differently. Some are barely affected at all, some are giving up and shutting down their groups, and some are implementing this or other workarounds. WILL THERE STILL BE CROSS-POSTING WITH OTHER ORGANIZERS? Cross-posting will continue in some of my Meetup groups but will be phased out over the next few months. The private lists will only receive invitations to events for which I am the lead organizer. If you are looking for the events that my friend Jay organizes, including zoo, museum and street art tours, they can be found at: https://www.meetup.com/The-NYC-Fun-Social-Group/ =========================================== Hope to "meet up" with all of you soon! Milton Siegel, Organizer Culture & Film Club

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